I’m diving into designing lampshades – yes, mostly the surface, but I’m also looking to design more interesting shapes and play with shadows. I produced lampshades for all three collections of my “Anthropocene” project but that was more than a year ago and after a year of working on different interior surfaces, it’s time to return to them and develop them.


I have been testing a few in domestic settings with modern, warm light LED bulbs, and the jute ones are very cosy and warm. I love working with jute, because of the gold colour and the fibrous, rough texture and of course because it’s durable and super-sustainable. But mainly for that industrial aesthetic quality that is sooo my style! I have further plans to extending the range, but right now I’m just focusing on lampshades.


The other quality I have further plans with are the copper ones – for the same reason as my juteobsession: the industrial look and feel – sorry, can’t help it! And despite this same root, they are also quite different in quality, the copper sheen and the toned down ambient light of the copper lining give it quite a luxurious finish I think. I’m going to further experiment a bit with them – maybe even combine the jute with the copper, but I’m pretty sure that when I settle for a range, they will be available for sale on my other website – more of that later!