Deep White



Deep White

So this is another new project for my portfolio, another concept work of interior details with a little bit of branding & signage, and this post explains it a little. It is another fictitious project, but I wanted to do something contemporary as well, since the previous one is more historic. This time, I decided to „create” a spa in Iceland. I named it deep white, because that’s what the snow looks like on the glaciers – the ice is not a single colour but all the colours in the world. It is also a mental empty space where one wants to go for a deep cleanse for the body and soul.


I started this with a logo, and the triangles of the W was an easy choice since it is also very mountain-like which is perfect for the landscape. Then the W made an easy triangle pattern to create the whole concept around, easy tile and floor shapes, and arrows too.  I was often told that my graphic style is „aggressive”, because I like bold colours and sharp angles. I don’t think it’s aggressive, it is bold and sometimes dramatic, but not hostile, that’s the difference between aggressive and simply confident I think. You would argue, that a space for calm and healing, you don’t want drama or „aggressive” patterns, however, I have my reasons.


First of all, when you go somewhere to switch off, you want to be surrounded by interesting things, otherwise your mind would wander off back to your worries and anxieties it’s trying to escape. And secondly, when you create a visitor experience, you start with people to want to come and visit, duh. And when they book a trip somewhere, they want to be there for what is already there, so you want to make sure that your experience adds to that experience of there, and when „there” contains volcanoes, glaciers, generally „aggressive” things, then you utilise it in your created environment too. Afterall, these forces of nature are what they facilitate a spa being there in the first place, with all the healing and thermal powers at work and all. So this should be celebrated here, and that’s why I incorporated it many patterns.


My favourite is the tufted rug which I imagined to be at the reception, it is a picture I took of a glacier and rocks, and I overlaid the brass triangular patterns too – I want this to look like copper coloured lurex loop. I also designed a lighting panel with laser cut shape of the glaciers, that is also my favourite but I really don’t like how I visualised it, I clearly have new softwares to learn! Then there is a glass panel, using the similar ribbed technique, except horizontally, to make up the glacier shape on the frosting. And the floor pattern and some volcanic tiles with brass in-lay, to add to the white walls.

Yeah I know, I should have visualised it better, but I’m not a real interior designer – I’m a decorator / graphic / surface pattern/ detail designer, and right now that’s how I can show the concepts best… I hope it still makes sense and it still helps envisage a great place people would love to visit.