Here we go, finally properly in 2020 although I suspect many of us might have rewritten our plans. This series of mini-tapestries were my April project, inspired by brutalism, stitched with brightly coloured threads I dyed myself (plenty left to continue later!)

They’re little larger than A4, and are stitched on jute. I still love jute so much, and I love how this raw material, woven to a very low standard corresponds so well with the bright yarns in these modernist shapes, it works almost like exposed vents or raw concrete or brickwork on a brutalist building.

The stitch is a form of longstitch although I haven’t strictly followed any strict technique such as bargello or something like that, I was mostly freestyling in order to achieve a woven-like texture, the raw jute wefts are brilliant in working together as a texture with the yarns.

The effect I was trying to go for I guess was a light, modern feel, something that took me back to the time I worked on a project on Peter Womersley’s buildings in the Scottish Borders, more of that later! Enjoy the gallery.